We build all kinds of industrialised buildings. If you are a professional, this is your chance to offer your clients the best quality and precision in the construction of homes, schools, hotels, petrol stations… MDR enables the construction of all sort of designs in any size and height in record time.


Maximum efficiency in the construction of industrialised homes.

The entire construction process takes place in-factory, by means of an assembly line in the same way cars are built. We especially focus on meeting the highest quality standards to construct your building with peak precision.

Stand out from your competition by offering your clients the greatest advantages:

ejemplo casas industrializadas profesionales

icono visto buenoComplete design flexibility

icono visto buenoMaximum quality and reliability, with no further problems.

icono visto buenoDrastic reduction of insurance costs.

icono visto buenoRadical reduction of legal problems with clients.

icono visto buenoBuilding costs and time optimisation.

icono visto buenoSell off-plan and deliver within 3 months

icono visto buenoOffer your clients maximum guarantees.

icono visto bueno Minimum security risks.


Contact us to receive all the information and technical solutions you may need regarding our system and everything it can offer to cover your designs’ architectural needs.

Our system is not restricted to homes.

It can also be used for:

  • Bungalows and rooms for camping areas, cottages,
  • Schools, nurseries, school dining rooms.
  • Petrol stations, dressing rooms, bathhouses, nature study centres and visitor

Need any examples? >see projects

foto sistema no solo casas industrializadas
icono worldmetor 20 años garantía casas industrializadas

Maximum guarantees

In our MDR system, all of its elements and materials work together in perfect harmony. This provides much higher reliability and durability standards than those to which we are used to in traditional construction, achieving premium quality finishes.m.

icono worldmetor máxima resistencia casas industrializadas

Great resistance to earthquakes and fires

The nature of the materials we use—self-compacting reinforced concrete—and their thickness are the main reasons why our prefabricated homes have such resistance to fires even exceeding what is stipulated in the CTE, the Spanish technical legislation for buildings. In addition, due to the cubic behaviour of each module and the whole construction, alongside with an elastic foundation, enables total earthquake resistance.

icono worldmetor certificado energético casas industrializadas

Maximum energetic efficiency

Each material and its combinations are researched at labs, along with a meticulous of thermal behavior testing with extremely precise devices, so that we can have an exhaustive understanding of the thermal behaviour of the building and detect improvable aspects. As a result, every building has a high comfort level with minimum costs and considerable savings.

icono worldmetor menor impacto casas industrializadas

Minimum environmental impact

Building in the factory barely produces any waste, since we use raw materials like sand, gravel and iron. They do not require any special maintenance and are 95% recyclable..

icono worldmetor gran insonorización casas industrializadas

Great soundproofing

According to the section 2.1.1.a.ii of the CTE, the soundproofing of a room must not be below 50 dB. Our rooms meet this requirement and even surpass it, achieving 61 dB horizontal soundproofing.

icono worldmetor menos de 3 meses casas industrializadas

Up to 80% shorter delivery time

The delivery time for our homes is 80% shorter than for traditional construction. The process and materials to be used are quantified and calculated in an accurate manner. Every single stage of the industrialised construction is regulated so that they take place in strict time periods, regardless of the climate. We guarantee that the lead time is the sum of the endorsement and execution of the project, the construction at the factory (four weeks) and its transportation and assembly (two days), along with minor finishing works (one week).

icono worldmetor reducción riesgos laborales

Great risk reduction

There is a great risk reduction for the workers at the construction lot. This is due to the fact that over 85% of the process is carried out at the factory.

icono construimos su casa a nivel nacional e internacionalWe work in the whole country.

We work in the whole country. In addition, we collaborate with a team of architects, both in our company and associates from different regions.


icono galardón Worldmetor

Our MDR system has been awarded with Junta de Andalucía’s ‘Andalucía Emprende’
Prize in the field of Innovation.

We have a series of technical reports issued by prestigious engineering firms such as

Our system has been chosen by international consortia for the construction of tens of
thousands of homes. Additionally, the system has been mentioned in the international
press as a construction system; for instance, at the BFT International magazine
(October 2013).

The MDR system is exhibited in lectures made by ANDECE (the Spanish Precast
Concrete Association: Asociación Nacional de la Industria del Prefabricado del
Hormigón en España).

Francisco Jesús Lizana Moral presented our system as innovative at the II
International Congress on Sustainable Construction and Eco-Efficient Solutions
(Seville, 2015). He works as an investigator for the I Architectural Constructions
Department, in the School of Architecture of the University of Seville.

Premios y Galardones Worldmetor

Want to build using our patented MDR system?

Contact us and we will inform you about the advantages of using our construction system both inside and outside the country.

>Further information without commitments.

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