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We are dedicating this whole section to answer FAQs

Solve your doubts about building Worldmetor prefabricated homes, with the following frequently asked questions you may have:

Why choose WorldMetor to build your home?
  • We offer everything completely finished.
  • You needn’t constantly worry about manpower. Instead, you can relax and enjoy your free time knowing everything will go according to the contract.
  • There are barely any risks in your plot regarding the safety of the workers since over 85% of construction process is carried out in the factory.
  • There is an established delivery time and price with zero surprises.
  • You can either see pictures of your home or visit the facilities of WorldMetor to check how work is progressing.
  • It’s a product of the WorldMetor Group.
  • Projects are developed by our architects, which have lots of experience in the industry.
  • The structure, external walls, forgings and partition walls are all made of high- strength reinforced concrete.
  • Choose the woodwork, metalwork, paint, taps, sanitary equipment, etc.Adapted to your priorities/tastes.
  • You can select the type of air conditioning and heating that best suits your needs (aerothermal, geothermal, split, under-floor heating…).
  • Wall cladding and flooring is something you get to choose from high-quality materials, such as wood, porcelain stoneware, natural stones, microcement— similar to smooth concrete—and vinyl.
  • Bathrooms are completely equipped with their sanitary equipment: taps, washbasins and baths or showers.
  • You can ask for your kitchen to be fully equipped with furniture and home appliances.
  • Building material brands used in our houses are chosen following the highest prestige standards in their sector.

No additional taxes or fees included for public or private organisations are included.

Is it necessary to have building land?

Our homes are like any other, therefore they must meet the same requirements.

What does “Key on hand” consist in?

In WorldMetor we want you to have the best buying experience, for that reason we
will deliver your home on time, on agreed dates without last-minute surprises.

Can I finance my new house through mortgage?

Our houses can be financed through mortgages just like any other traditionally-built home.

Can you manage all the procedures?

We can carry out the geotechnical study and undertake the whole project, which includes:

  • Base project
  • Construction project
  • Execution and management of construction works
  • Job safety analysis
  • Process paperwork and licenses can be carried out by a project management firm if desired
Are you in charge of the supply connections?

We deliver your home wholly finished, and that includes the installation of all the energy and water supplies.

When will I be able to start living in my house?

Once the building permit is in order, you will get your house in a period of no more than three months, as long as the production capacity of the factory is not overwhelmed at the time.

Can I make my home with any design?

Yes! Our system is not prefabricated, with predefined models with rigid formats, so your home can be designed 100% to your liking, with the qualities you choose.

Is there a space limitation regarding room size?

No, there’s no limit. They can be as big as you want.

Can I use aerothermal and geothermal systems, solar panels or under-floor heating?

We can install any type of ventilation, air-conditioning or heating system, with its proper adjustments and reliability.

How can I hang a painting if the wall is made of concrete?

The same way you do on a brick or Pladur wall. The difference is in the drill bit, which needs to be specific for concrete.

Can I remove internal walls to expand a room?

Yes, you can, since using this system means most internal walls are non-load bearing.

What is the house made of?

The house is made of reinforced concrete, surrounded by EPS (expanded polystyrene), which is then covered with more reinforced concrete.

Is it prefabricated?

They are not exactly prefab homes, but industrialised ones since they are completely built in the factory, just like a car.

Is it modular?

Our houses are not like the typical modular home. By module, we are referring to the transportable units a house can be divided into so that they can be easily moved from the factory to the building land. The main difference is that they are far more flexible in their design and manufacture, with no restrictions such as standard moulds or set dimensions.

Does concrete insulate as well as bricks do?

Concrete is by far a better insulator than bricks, since the latter have a lower density and are much more porous than the high-strength concrete we use.

Can the house have a basement using this system?

Our MDR system allows us to build at different heights, above ground level and underground. Your basement will be free of moisture and cracks thanks to the insulation the structure offers, together with the properties of self-consolidating concrete.

How does the house take so little time to be built?

It takes so little time due to the fact that the procedure is akin to a car factory assembly line car factory, where the whole process is industrialised.

Can the roof be flat, with no tiles?

The client decides what the roof looks like. There are no restrictions when it comes to its design.

Could I expand my house in the future?

Yes, as long as the land surrounding your home and the accessibility allow it. You can communicate us your plans when designing the project so that we can prepare unnoticeable pre-installation arrangements, which will allow your future house extension (in height or width) to go smoothly.

What kind of building energy ratings do these houses have?

It depends on the housing conditioning system you choose to install, and will be— according to the EU Energy Labelling—either A+, A or B.

Can my MDR home be a zero emissions home?

Yes, it can, due to systems based on renewable energy (such as solar energy) that allow your MDR home to be independent from general energy supplies lines.

So, is the price fixed?

Yes, there is a final budget which will be the fixed price and will not be changed from our side so there will not be last-minute surprises.

Can you design it for me?

We have an excellent team of architects at our disposal, both inside the company and as collaborators from other regions. They all have a great career path and professional experience that will allow them to design your dream house, completely fitted to your tastes and needs.

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