Single-family detached house project located. The house is developed on a plot of 1,305 m2, with a very steep downward slope to the north.

Due to these starting conditions, the house is developed from the highest level downwards, accessing through the highest floor and descending to the rest of the levels through a staircase that structures the spaces.

On the highest floor, therefore, is located the access to the house and the garage.

Further down, on the level immediately below, the sleeping area consists of three bedrooms, one of them with bathroom and dressing room, and a common bathroom.

On the lower level is the day area, spatially linked to the staircase thanks to the double height that connects them. The floor is distributed mostly in an open room with living room, dining room, kitchen and study, and is complemented by a pantry, laundry and toilet.

The exteriors have been designed terraced, following the compositional line of the volume of the house, resulting in an integrated whole.