Single-family detached house project. The 420 m2 plot is characterized by an irregular shape which is the result of the architecture of the house.

The different levels together with the staggered exterior seek a perfect adaptation to the topography, while the different elevations adapt with their openings to the characteristic light of each orientation, providing an optimal use of it inside the house.

The first floor is presented in a diaphanous form, presided over by a double height in which a sculptural staircase of cantilevered steps that structures the house in its vertical route stands out. Around it are the different daytime uses, such as living room, dining room and kitchen, establishing its base at different levels following the original slope of the plot.

On the upper floor are the night uses, consisting of a master bedroom with its own dressing room and bathroom, and a bedroom and bathroom for guest use. From this level there is access to the terrace, which is designed to be lived as another outdoor space.